You know, I think there’s a kind of kismet in the fact that we’ve landed here, in this same moment and cyberplace together. And that being the case, I suppose it makes sense for me to tell you some things about who I am:

I like finding myself at the intersection of music and something bigger. Something that’s behind the curtain of pedestrian existence.  And so, I delve into these existential questions in all the music that I can get my hands on.  I compose music for film, for theatre, for choruses, and for High Fiction. I run a groovy little music production company called VeryShiny musicworks. I conduct a progressive gospel choir called Mosaic in Boulder, and I teach at Naropa University and at the goldenLotus Oh, or maybe you want to come sing with BAR CHOIR?  I might even be available for your private whatever. Or to record you. Try me.

Golly, I hate to go on, though. If you’re dying for more detail, you can grab a copy of my CV here. Or contact me directly via email or phone: 720-509-9513. I look forward to hearing from you.


Custom music that doesn’t suck.


This is where the magic happens.